Couples Counseling/Marital Counseling

Let’s face it, as great as relationships are and can be, at times they can also be very hard! Couples therapy is beneficial in assisting couples gain an understanding of relationship patterns, consequences of words and actions, reasons behind intentions, managing expectations and improving communication just to name a few.  Sometimes it is helpful for couples to have a knowledgeable third party to help a couple gain an awareness of some patterns and behaviors they might not realize they are engaging in.  Through couples therapy we will aim to help couples change their view of the relationship, modify dysfunctional behavior, decrease emotional avoidance, improve communication and promote the strengths of the relationship. 

Anger Management 

Anger management refers to the process by which a person learns how to identify stressors, take necessary steps to remain calm, and handle tense situations in a constructive positive manner. The purpose of anger management is to help a person decrease the heightened emotional and physiological arousal often associated with anger. Through anger management therapy we will help provide a clear and distinct set of guidelines to help achieve positive and constructive responses rather than negative and destructive ones.  We will help identify what triggers their anger and become aware of their emotional state prior to, while and after they are angry.

Dating & Relationships 

Tinder, Match, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, Ok Cupid…it’s seems these days picking which dating app to use is almost as hard as picking who to date! Dating in New York City can be what I like to call the 3D’s: daunting, discouraging and deflating! How do I chose who to date, why did he not write back, should I text or not text? All the questions with no answers...It does not have to be this way. Let us help you identify patterns and approaches that might not be working. It can be difficult to recognize our own role, behaviors or thought patterns that are getting in the way of being successful in dating. Often to be eft wondering, why nothing works out or you can never meet anyone! Together let’s find a way to approach dating differently, recognize your own patterns that are not working, gain insight to what you really want out of a relationship so not wavering from these desires and identifying those red flags! It may not be entirely believable if you have been experiencing the 3 D’s but dating can be exciting and fun!


Anxiety can show up in very different ways and can affect all aspects of a person's life and can be incredibly debilitating. Many people suffer with anxiety and it can be very frustrating because many times it can be difficult identify the cause or attention meaning to the anxiety. However, anxiety has one thing in common: persistent, excessive fear or worry in situations that are not threatening.  If you find yourself worrying often, being irritable, having trouble sleeping, finding it stressful or overwhelming to interact socially, it is likely you are suffering with anxiety. Many times, anxiety will take control and you will find yourself avoiding situations or experiences that we may have once enjoyed. Do not let anxiety take control and limit you! Together let’s identify the root of your anxiety, the fears that might be holding you back and get you back in control! Through awareness, identification of triggers and coping skills you can learn to manage your anxiety and live your fullest life!

Life Transition

Let’s face it change can be scary! There are those that live for change and take it on eyes wide open and race toward it! If you are not one of those people, there is nothing wrong with that! However, sometimes we need to recognize if our own aversion to change can be getting in the way of us getting out of bad situations or impending our personal or professional growth. If you are in the midst of change or thinking about change and you recognize it has been more difficult to manage, let us help support you through this time period. Often it can be helpful to have a space and a supportive person outside your family and friends to help you navigate transition, an unbiased non- judgmental ear to hear your concerns, confusion and doubts.


There is proven power in being kind to yourself!  Growing up we are often taught that we must be nice to others, but how often we were given the message to be kind to ourselves? Compassion isn’t only something that we should apply to others. Just as we’d have compassion for a good friend who was going through a hard time or felt inadequate in some way, why not for ourselves? Instead of practicing self-compassion we tend to be the opposite, self-critical. Which, leaves us feeling anxious, incompetent and depressed. Self-compassion helps us to see ourselves clearly and make needed changes because we care about ourselves and want to reach our full potential. Together let’s identify the negative and toxic narratives you are telling yourself, let’s discover and unblock things you haven’t forgiven yourself for that are leaving you stuck, let’s change the messages you are telling yourself and replace them with love and acceptance for self! Watch how life can change when you turn criticism into compassion!


When depression takes over it can be very difficult to get motivated and unstuck. Many times, when you are experiencing depression it is hard to see a way out of it. Depression manifests in many ways and some symptoms can include, but are not limited to, increased fatigue, change in appetite, low self-esteem, change in sleep patterns, irritability, sadness and isolation. Recognizing your depression and the impact it is playing on your life is the first step! Reaching out for help is the next! Realizing you are not allow can be extremely impactful.  We recognize it can be difficult to ask for help, but when you do you are already on your way because you made a choice to not let the depression take over. Depression can feel like trying to dig yourself out of a deep dark hole, with no will to do so, no instructions on how to get out and no flashlight to help illuminate the way.  Let us help you out of that hole, let us support you as you take the journey to get out!