Anger Therapy

Everyone gets angry sometimes, but for some people the anger can become overwhelming.

Anger is more than just feeling upset. It can reside deep within your core and significantly impact your emotional and physical state, affecting your ability to live the life you desire. Various life events can trigger anger, such as significant changes like starting a new job, moving to a new city, or experiencing shifts in your personal circumstances. Relationship struggles or conflicts with those close to you can also provoke intense feelings of anger. You may have a predisposition to stronger emotional responses due to genetic or environmental factors. Additionally, the cumulative impact of various stressors can become overwhelming, exacerbating feelings of anger and frustration.

All of our professional anxiety therapists have extensive education, experience, and training. You can find more information about each of our providers here. It’s important to us that you find someone who you truly connect with, so we offer free consultations to help you get a sense of whether we might be the right fit for you.

Our trauma therapists in NYC can help get your life back.

Does this sound familiar?

I feel constantly on edge, as if the smallest inconvenience could set me off.

I worry about my reactions in stressful situations, fearing I might lose control.

I struggle with feelings of irritation and anger even over minor issues.

I find myself shouting or becoming aggressive more quickly than I used to.

I feel a persistent anger that doesn’t seem to go away, affecting my relationships and work.

I am overwhelmed by guilt or regret after outbursts, which makes me feel stuck in a cycle of anger.

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We offer virtual therapy for New York residents, as well as in-person sessions at our midtown Manhattan office. Reach out today to get started and schedule your first appointment. We look forward to connecting with you and helping you become your best self!

Anger manifests differently in everyone. You might also notice that your own experience of anger evolves over time. Additionally, learning more about the various forms of anger responses can help you better understand your reactions and serve as a powerful reminder that you’re not alone.

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