NYC Therapeutic Wellness & Mental Health Counseling, PLLC 

Licensed Mental Health Counselor/Psychotherapist

NYC Therapeutic Wellness provides professional counseling services in Midtown Manhattan. We offer a range of services to meet multiple needs and tailor the therapeutic process to each individual.

Thank you for visiting our site, if you are here you are likely looking for a change, some help or guidance. We are here for you!!  NYC Therapeutic Wellness is committed to helping every client reach their therapeutic goals by identifying barriers that are getting in the way or leaving you stuck, guiding each client to gain more insight and self-awareness and working to strengthen your emotional well-being.

NYC Therapeutic Wellness wants to help you be your best self and live a life that brings fulfillment to you in all areas of your life.  We strive to help you gain a well-developed understanding of your inner workings, helping transform conflict into opportunities for deeper intimacy and connection.

Areas of Expertise

Dating and Relationships
Couples Counseling
Life Transition
Anger Management
Self-Compassion & Connection

Welcome to NYC Therapeutic Wellness, we look forward to working with you! Our aim is to help you identify and break down the barriers that have been getting in the way of you building the life that is truly fulfilling for you. 


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We look forward to hearing from you! Please use the below contact information to schedule your first appointment or a 10 minute phone consultation. We believe in making sure this is a right fit for you!

136 Madison Avenue

6th Floor

New York NY 10016

Tel: 914-420-9464

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