NYC Therapeutic Wellness

Professional Counseling Service in Midtown Manhattan.

Feeling Stuck?

Anxiety is a small word with a big impact.

We’re here to help you identify and break down the barriers that are holding you back.

Lots Happening in Your Life?

Professional counseling can help prioritize your goals.

Our approach is a little different to other mental health practices, because we see ourselves as being partners in this process. We’ll help you identify your goals and support you through this journey to uncover a more fulfilling life. 

Man runs peacefully on trail at sunrise.

Our Therapists

Do You Actually Need Professional Counseling?

Let’s answer with a question. Do you want to keep feeling this way?

There’s a reason you’re visiting our web page. Maybe work has stressed you out to the max. Perhaps your relationship is fizzing and you don’t know why. It could be that you’re been trapped in a cycle of overwhelm and you don’t know how to break it. You might be wondering who you are, how you got where you are, and what you really want out of life.

We totally understand where you’re coming from. You’re not the first person to struggle with these issues (and you definitely won’t be the last). Our experienced clinicians will help you get clarity about what matters and put an actionable plan in place that will help you find meaning and achieve your goals. We’re here to help you take meaningful steps towards becoming your best self.

Our Expertise

  • Constantly dealing with stress or overwhelm?
  • No idea what you’re doing or what you want?
  • Sick of Tinder, Bumble, OK Cupid, and the rest?
  • Feeling angry and unable to control outbursts?
  • Feeling like the biggest impostor in NYC?
  • Struggling to cope with a big life change?
  • Relationship hit a rocky patch you can’t solve?
  • Feeling unmotivated, stuck, fatigued, or sad?

What’s Holding You Back?

Anxiety affects more people than you might think.

Our counselors are hand-picked because of their experience and expertise. We all have a depth of knowledge and are passionate about helping others fulfill their potential. We provide 45 minute sessions specifically tailored to each client with safety and comfort as our top priorities. We are flexible and affordable to ensure no stress around the process.

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Still Not Sure About Therapy?

Counseling is the first step to getting what you want.

We offer a range of services that are designed to help people break new ground and live their best lives. Our clinicians tailor the therapeutic process to each individual based on your circumstances. We can help you figure out what’s causing you to feel stuck, help you develop more insight and self-awareness, strengthen your emotional well-being, transform conflict, and deepen connections.

Our Location

We’re located on Madison Avenue, right in the beating heart of New York City. (We’re only two blocks from the Empire State Building, since you asked). Our professional counselors are locally based and available to meet in person or via telehealth.