Isabella Cuellar


“Whenever I notice something about myself I don’t like, or whenever something goes wrong in my life, I silently repeat the following phrases: This is a moment of suffering. Suffering is part of life. May I be kind to myself in this moment. May I give myself the compassion I need.”– Kristin Neff

Isabella’s experiences as a special education teacher and outpatient psychiatric medical assistant drove her interest in trauma-informed counseling, advocating for client needs, and the importance of a multicultural approach to counseling. As a therapist, she values building trusting relationships with all clients and creating a supportive, non-judgemental therapeutic environment where individuals feel nurtured. Isabella integrates different styles of therapy to cultivate change within her clients, including a psychodynamic approach and evidence-based practices like DBT.

She has experience working in a college counseling center where she supported a diverse student population in managing anxiety, depression, interpersonal relationships, LGBTQ+ issues, performance anxiety, and adjustment to college life. As a former Division I athlete and competitive athlete throughout her youth, Isabella has a particular interest in the intersection of sports and mental health. She has an interest in topics related to body image, disordered eating, adjusting to college athletics, transitioning out of sports, self-esteem, identity, team dynamics, and more.

Isabella believes in a holistic approach to wellness and implements her background as a yoga instructor into her role as a counselor. If you’re looking to begin a journey toward becoming the best version of yourself, schedule a session with Isabella!

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