Kiera Murphy


Kiera holds a Master’s Degree in clinical and counseling psychology, and has received training in both private practice and intervention-based outpatient settings. She has experience in treating adults with anxiety, mood, and personality disorders in both individual and group settings. Her approach centers around creating a warm, encouraging, and trusting relationship with her clients to help them achieve both emotional and interpersonal well-being. This involves a true partnership.

Kiera supports her clients as they build upon their internal coping skills in order to manage overwhelming feelings and environmental triggers. This starts with helping clients understand and detach themselves from unhelpful thought and behavioral patterns, while motivating them to engage in both positive and meaningful life experiences. Kiera integrates techniques including but not limited to those from Cognitive Behavioral, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness. She’s passionate about providing her clients with a safe environment to find and maintain emotional wellness both in and outside of her sessions. If you’re feeling stuck, Kiera can help.