Professional Individual Counseling in Midtown Manhattan

Break down barriers and find support on your personal journey.

Struggling to Decide What You Want in Life?

Self-awareness is the key to making your next big move.

Are you asking some big questions right now? For example, who you are, what you’re doing, why you’re doing it? Do you know what you really want out of life? If you’ve done the “right” thing your whole life, only to end up in a job or a position that doesn’t align with who you want to be, we’ve got you. Our team will guide you in discovering some answers to these big questions.

Life is short so it makes sense to get as much out of it as possible. If you’re feeling totally stuck or unsure of what direction to take, we can help get to the bottom of your feelings. Our goal is to help you identify and remove the barriers stopping you from living a fulfilled life. We’ll partner with you to explore your feelings, identify some goals, and put a plan into place to help you achieve them.

Start By Figuring Out Who You Are

These Are A Few Of the Questions People Ask Our Counselors

We can assure you that you’re not alone in asking big questions about life. However, if these questions have you feeling stuck, it’s time to do something about it.

  • Why do I feel so stuck in my life?
  • Can I drop everything and walk away?
  • What would happen if I just said no?
  • Why can’t I maintain any boundaries?
  • Am I really a total pushover?
  • Is the problem that I’m not grateful?
  • How do others have the answers?
  • Do I actually have a passion in life?
  • What are my absolute deal-breakers?
  • Would I be a failure if I quit my job?

Woah! There’s a lot going on inside your mind. We’d love to help.

Man enjoys the sunrise and coffee by lake.

Let’s Talk About Your Goals

Professional counselors don’t just treat mental health disorders. We are highly skilled at identifying root causes and patterns that keep you stuck and unable to answer those big questions. A key part of counseling is learning to better understand yourself. This includes becoming aware of negative thought patterns, identifying emotional triggers, and developing emotional well-being.

We believe you already know all the answers to the questions you’re asking. We just need to uncover them so you can embrace that tiny voice in the back of your mind that is speaking your truth. We are here to support you through this journey to uncover a more fulfilling life.