Is Your Relationship Hitting Speed Bumps?

Get back onto the same page with professional couples counseling.

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Relationships can be wonderful and terrible (sometimes both at once). People are complicated and we evolve over time. One day you might be in a bubble of loved-up bliss; the next you might be arguing about the dishes before launching into a straight-up battle about your differences. That’s okay. If you’ve run into a rough patch, our team of professional counselors is here to help.

What does that mean? Couple’s therapy is designed to help partners gain an understanding of their relationship patterns, learn the consequences of their words and actions, identify the intentions behind actions, start improving communication, and positively manage expectations. Sometimes, an unbiased opinion can provide the perspective you need to see things differently. We’re here to help remove the blocks that are causing your relationship to stumble.

We’ll Help You Find the Root of the Issue

Sometimes it Takes a Little Digging to Get to The Bottom

If you’re feeling frustrated, unappreciated, misunderstood, or hurt, this is a safe space. Think of it as a giant relationship reset button, so you can find answers.

  • Why does he/she/they keep doing it?
  • Do they even love me anymore?
  • Have our lives gone different ways?
  • Why do we never have sex?
  • Can I trust them after they cheated?
  • What’s triggering all of this angst?
  • Should we have kids?
  • Why are we fighting all the time?
  • Will we ever get ahead financially?
  • Do we have anything in common?

The first step toward healing is ensuring you’re both heard and respected.

Close up of couple holding hands

A Fresh Perspective on Your Relationship

Marriage and relationships can be hard. There’s a lot of give and take. Things can go up and down, left and right, hot and cold. Hey, the fact that you got together in the first place means you obviously have chemistry. Our professional counselors can help you identify negative patterns, modify dysfunctional behavior, decrease emotional avoidance, learn to talk to each other again, and focus on all of the things that you love about each other. This is about finding your strengths.

Relationships often come with big life changes. You might be combining finances, buying a home together, talking about kids, navigating family dramas, making career decisions, and more. Maybe there are trust issues. Maybe there are communication issues. Or maybe you have discovered that even though the other person is a great lover, they’re a terrible roommate. We’ve got a lot of experience and expertise in all these areas. Whatever you’re going through, we can help.